Worried couple with negative pregnancy test

We understand how frustrating and emotional the journey to pregnancy can be, especially when it takes much longer than expected.   By assessing and treating the underlying cause of your infertility, we can assist you to increase your chances of conceiving naturally.

There can be many reasons why you aren’t falling pregnant, ranging from hormonal issues such as PCOS, Endometriosis, irregular cycles, etc., to thyroid and genetic conditions such as MTHFR.

Difficulty conceiving can also be linked to environmental pollutants such as PCB’s and estrogen overload caused by chemicals, the pill and foods unwittingly consumed in daily life.

Through a combination of dietary/nutritional interventions, we can tailor your diet to enhance your chances of conceiving as well as supporting a healthy pregnancy.

We can also work with you in conjuction with IVF treatments to maximise your chances of creating healthy eggs and beyond.

Stress can be a significant factor which affects your fertility and having an effective treatment plan in place to address stress is absolutely essential to creating a healthy pregnancy.  Adding in a nourishing diet, regular exercise and setting aside time for R&R is also vitally important.

Age can also be a factor for many women. Naturally declining hormones can make conception difficult, creating irregular cycles and unpredictable ovulation. However, there are natural ways to rebalance hormones to maximize your chances of conceiving despite these challenges.

To give yourself the best chance at falling pregnant naturally, call the clinic today on 03 9596 9930 and book a Natural Fertility consultation with a Naturopath.  You’ll be glad you did!

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