Dry July – Why it’s great for everyone.


Dry July not only benefits those it fundraises for, but is a great chance to give your body a rest from alcohol.

With over 40,000 people on board and already nearly $4,000,000 raised worldwide, it’s the most supportive time to tell friends your opting not to share a drink with them. They may even be inspired to get on board too.



I recommend a seasonal change in diet and lifestyle, resetting good habits with a two week detox every quarter. If four breaks from alcohol a year sounds too much for you, a summer New Year and midyear winter detox is still a very effective way to fundamentally improve your health.

Why not further the benefits by reducing sugar, wheat, dairy or processed foods over this time too and really give your gut and liver some love.


Some signs a break from alcohol and a detox is a good choice for you:

  • You tend to drink out of habit
  • You drink more than 2 X week or binge drink
  • You drink to relieve stress or it is your main way to wind down
  • You wake up feeling tired and lethargic
  • You suffer from bloating, diarrhoea, constipation or other digestive disturbances
  • You regularly suffer muscle aches and pains
  • You get recurrent headaches
  • You have allergies or sensitivities
  • You suffer from hormonal flushes or night sweats
  • You have poor sleep
  • You are preparing your body for pregnancy and a healthy baby
  • You have been exposed to heavy metals, toxins, mould or overindulge in foods
  • You take medications or drugs that effect your liver
  • You suffer from mood swings, anxiety or depression


Consider the Month of Dry July, or even commit to a week and you could see the benefits:

  • Wake up feeling lighter and more energized
  • Have more clarity and clear thinking, no more foggy head!
  • Have clearer skin, better bowel habits, and reduce that sluggish feeling
  • Sleep better with better quality
  • Find new ways to relieve stress and wind down at the end of the day
  • Feel able to exercise more and recover faster
  • Know you are caring for your body and mind
  • Create new healthier habits and influence others around you too


For support, and to add a detox program to your Dry July book an appointment today!

Visit: www.healthengine.com.au (and type Brighton Wellness Group) to book online, or call us today on (03) 9596 9930.