Wet weather during the school holidays can make the days seem like they go on forever.  The kids get “cabin fever”, the bickering starts, tech time increases, and Mum or Dad’s patience starts wearing thin!

Whether the weather is kind to you or not these holidays, here are some short activities you can assign to your kids to keep their body moving whilst giving their brain a workout too.

(You’ll even have time to sit down with a cheeky cuppa while you watch them!)

Hug your knees to your chest and roll backwards and forwards on your spine.  Try to get back up to a seated position.
Fun tip:  For younger children, start them off in a seated position singing “Humpty Dumpty” before encouraging them to ‘roll’ when Humpty falls.



Cross-crawling action using knees and elbows whilst keeping as low to the ground as possible.  Try to keep your abdomen in contact with the floor.
Fun tip:  Have your kids map out a track around the house or tie it in with a game of hide-and-seek.



Start laying face down with your arms along side your body and head resting on the floor.  Lift both legs up and hold for 15 seconds without lifting the rest of your body off the ground.  Next, relax your legs while lifting the upper body and hold for 15 seconds.  If you can do this easily, try lifting the upper and lower body at the same time.  To increase difficulty, bring your arms out to the side (like an aeroplane) or out in front (like superman!)
Fun tip:  Choose a destination and make up a story about where the aeroplane will travel to, or have your child dress up as their favourite superhero!




March on the spot.  As each leg is lifted, the opposite arm should be swung.  Alternatively, tap your knee with the opposite hand each time a leg is lifted.
Fun tip:  Sing along to “The ants go marching” song. 



Walk 10 paces forwards heel to toe, and then 10 paces backwards toe to heel.
Then, starting with feet slightly apart, cross your right foot in front of the left and repeat for 10 paces.  Repeat, crossing your left foot in front of your right for 10 paces.
Fun tip:  Use masking tape (if inside) or chalk (if outside) to make a ‘tightrope’ or a ‘pirate’s plank’ on the ground.  Don’t fall off!  Add another layer of complexity if this is too easy, by repeating each activity with your eyes closed – that is sure to draw some giggles from the kids!


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