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Do you experience that 3pm slump where you reach for a coffee and a biscuit?

Are you wondering why that last 5kgs just wont budge despite exercising regularly? Perhaps you have an upset tummy and just don’t know why? These, along with many other symptoms and chronic conditions, are your body’s alarm bells indicating that you are suffering from poor nutrition.

At Brighton Wellness Group we believe that you are what you eat. If you want to be healthy, good nutrition is absolutely essential.

Let’s get back to basics


There is nothing our body needs that is not provided by nature.

We humans are, essentially, wild animals living in captivity. All other animal species have less nutritional deficiencies and toxicity related problems – unless we make them live in captivity. Ever seen an overweight elephant or obese antelope in the wild? No, because all other species eat only local, raw, organic whole foods in the form that nature provided them.Animals don’t go on fad or restrictive diets, take supplements or do cleanses. They don’t do anything other than provide their bodies with the raw materials they need.

So, put down that can of soft drink and read on…

If there is a health food section in your supermarket, what does that make the rest of the food?


We live in a world that teaches us to take drugs to dull the effects we experience from poor lifestyle choices. We learn how to eat poisonous foods without symptoms by taking antacids. We feed our children sugar-filled treats and chemical cocktails in brightly coloured packaging and then wonder why they cant concentrate and need drugs to lessen the effects of poor behaviour. We learn how to eat a diet that is totally incongruent with our genetic needs. No wonder we are getting fatter and sicker every year!

Nutrition education is a life-long skill that will benefit you and your family


Our bodies are designed in perfect harmony with nature to draw all that we require from the earth itself. We can find all the nutrients we need in organic, whole foods. Its really that simple!

Our Nutritionists can help you to identify and understand these raw materials that your body requires to produce and maintain health. We offer nutritional implementation and transitioning strategies for you to improve your health and strive towards balance. Its the way your body longs to be.