Move, think, and breathe your way to health and happiness.

Yoga was developed in India thousands of years ago as a method to enhance all areas of wellbeing; physically, emotionally and spiritually. A range of specific postures (asanas), breathing techniques and meditation are incorporated into each session to balance the body with the mind and breath – functions of the body that are naturally influenced by one another. Today’s busy lifestyles often see us take one or more of these systems for granted, so its easy to see how yoga really can benefit everyone. So, take some time out just for you – your body and mind deserve it!

Why complete your practice here?


Never mind if you cant touch your toes! At Brighton Wellness Group, we cater for all abilities and conditions, tailoring your practice to suit you.

Our small classes mean greater attention, ensuring you learn each asana in a safe and controlled environment. Our instructors are committed to helping you learn the technique the right way, to minimise injury and maximise your performance. In return, you will reap the wonderful emotional and physical benefits that yoga practice can achieve, leaving you wanting more!Regardless of whether you are a first timer or an experienced yogi, you may experience a range of benefits from regular yoga practice, such as:

  • Stress relief
  • Pain relief
  • Less anxiety
  • Better breathing
  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased strength
  • Improved circulation and cardiovascular conditioning
  • Increased coordination and reaction time
  • Mental clarity – Improved concentration and memory, and a sense of inner peace and calm

But what if I have a pre-existing injury?


The practitioners at Brighton Wellness Group take a collaborate approach toward achieving your health outcomes. With consent, your practitioner can discuss your condition with your yoga instructor to ensure that your practice is adapted to suit your current needs and is complementary to your current treatment plan.


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