“What is the difference between remedial and deep tissue or relaxation massage?”  This is a question I have been asked by many clients who have not been to see a Remedial Therapist before.

A Remedial Therapist will manipulate the soft tissues in your body – muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia – to help alleviate your pain and improve your range of motion.  Sometimes the location where we feel pain is not necessarily the source of where that pain originates.

Depending on your condition a Remedial Therapist will look at your current range of motion, understand the mechanism of your injury, the type of pain or discomfort you are feeling and apply a range of techniques to those affected soft tissues.  (Look out for my next blog where I’ll discuss in more detail the techniques of a Remedial Therapist!)

For example, if the upper back/neck pain you are experiencing is due to prolonged poor posture from sitting at a desk, massaging just the upper back and neck will not alleviate the cause of your pain.  It will certainly feel amazing while you are on the massage table, but after a few days at your desk the pain and discomfort will return.  Lengthening the chest muscles, mobilising the neck and prescribing effective stretching techniques can help to manage this common condition.

And herein lies the difference with between a remedial massage and a relaxation massage….

  1. Understanding the source and cause of your pain
  2. Applying a range of techniques to alleviate the condition
  3. Educating the client on prevention strategies

Remedial massage is an effective therapy to help manage a range of conditions such as tennis/golfers elbow, headaches, plantar fasciitis, recovery from sprains and strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, temporomandibular joint pain, hypertonic muscles due to disc herniations, chronic fatigue syndrome just to name a few!

Just as you would regularly service your car, a regular Remedial Massage can help keep your muscles and joints in the best possible condition!  This prevents injury, improves circulation, facilitates good posture and assists your body to maintain optimal health. Read more on what to expect from your first Remedial Massage appointment.

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